Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist (COMT)

This certification is a distinction given to Manual / Manipulative Physical Therapists around the world who have completed post-graduate specialization in the field of neuro-muscular skeletal disorders. The specialization includes "hands-on" techniques used to evaluate muscles, fascia, nerves, and joints.

One of these techniques, the Maitland Approach, is a world-renowned, highly effective, gentle approach to the management of neuro-musculo-skeletal conditions. The approach was pioneered in the 1950s by legendary Australian Physiotherapist Geoffrey Maitland, and has continued to evolve with groundbreaking concepts including Combined Movements, Neurodynamics, and Stabilization. In the United States, these techniques aretaught by Maitland Austrailian Physiotherapy Seminars. (https://www.ozpt.com)

The Maitland Approach is recognized by the AAOMPT. (https://www.aaompt.org/) The AAOMPT has raised awareness of the contributions of manual therapy to the physical therapy profession, and of the contributions of fellowship training towards achieving advanced clinical competence. The AAOMPT isactive within the APTA and the Orthopedic Section.

Manual Physical Therapy Definition

"Orthopaedic Manual Therapy is a specialized area of physiotherapy / physical therapy for the management of neuro-musculo-skeletal conditions. Based on clinical reasoning, it uses highly specific treatment approaches that include manual techniques and therapeutic exercises. Orthopaedic Manual Therapy utilizes the most current scientific and clinical evidence as well as the bio-psycho-social framework of each individual patient."