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Healthy Beginnings Series

Posted on August 16, 2018

Hereford Physical Therapy is pleased to announce an ongoing wellness series call Healthy Beginnings. Each month we will discuss different topics that we feel may be helpful in your overall wellness journey.

The idea for Healthy Beginnings has been a long time in the making. There is so much information out there regarding diet/exercise/wellness that, quite frankly, can be overwhelming and confusing.

Steve and I have been big proponents of the wellness model for years and enjoy empowering people to be their best self. We started last year as a lecture series – once per month – but we want to take that to a bigger audience. So, we hope you enjoy this series.

Our goal is to try to help give you the tools and strategies to navigate through all of the information – to give you a lens (so to speak). If we can help you take care of yourself, it will in turn benefit your overall health.

Here at Hereford Physical Therapy, we have 6 keys to wellness (CHEDER)
1. Community
2. Hydration
3. Exercise
4. Diet
5. Environment
6. Rest
In each part of our series we will try to touch on these principles, so you will hear them repeated. We hope you will enjoy these postings, and we look forward to providing you with new information on your wellness journey.

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