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New Year’s Resolutions… How to be Successful

Posted on January 3, 2017

It’s that time of year again.  The clock has struck midnight, the ball has dropped and we turn a page on another year.

Millions of Americans will take this time to make their annual New Year’s resolutions but sadly only a fraction will actually succeed.

The top resolutions include, weight loss, exercise more and stop smoking.  Interesting, this year a Marist poll found that “being a better person” topped this year’s list.  Many resolutions are too general and do not allow for specific step by step progressions that allow for success.

Another pitfall is trying to do set too many goals.  If you want to lose weight, join a yoga class, do a cooking class you will most likely end up failing at all.  We just do not have the time or energy to focus on this many things at once.

So, how can we set ourselves up to succeed this year?   Follow these simple steps to help your New Year resolution become a lifelong success.

  • Take Stock of Yourself. Take a good honest look at your situation and what you would like to change.  The motivation for your resolutions should come from within, not what someone else thinks you should do.
  • Stick To One Thing. Pick your number 1 goal and go for it.  If you stick to one thing you will be much more successful that trying too many things at once.
  • Be Specific. Make specific and measurable goals for yourself.   Write down specifically where you want to be in 3, 6, 9 months and work backwards.  For example, if you want to exercise more, what does that mean.  Set specific goals and times such as getting to the gym or walking 3 times a week for the first 2 weeks.  This short time frame and interval is attainable to most and once you complete the 2 week you will have a victory to build on.
  • Set Yourself Up For Success. If we use the gym scenario, have your cloths and gym bag ready the night before.  Get things in place the day before so it will be easier for your to get out the door.
  • Chart, Chart, Chart. This is important.  Take a small book or use one of the many apps, fit bit, I Watch, etc. available to chart your success.  It’s important to see where you are, what you have done and how successful you have been.
  • Give Yourself a Break. Things happen.  If you hit a bump in the road and you can’t reach your goal for the week its ok.  We are all very busy so just regroup and refocus.


We hope this is information is helpful and we wish you a very Happy and Healthy New Year!

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