Nutrition is a large portion of our overall health, wellbeing and injury recovery. People don’t develop health issues overnight. While they might suddenly become noticeable sick very quickly, in general, chronic health issues have been developing for years by the time they are detected. For example, if someone has a heart attack, this is a sudden expression that the body has been cultivating problems in its cardiovascular system for a long time through lifestyle, environment, and diet. The same is true for cancer and other chronic issues society is developing at an alarming rate.

Because eating the right foods simply isn’t enough in today’s world, quality supplementing is vital to provide the body the ingredients it needs to work its own “magic” overtime. We receive questions all the time from patients about nutritional supplements. For years we were not comfortable recommending products because we were not confident that the products were manufactured to the highest levels available.

Lifeplus International manufactures products that meet our high standards that we are comfortable in referring to people and taking ourselves.  Lifeplus is committed to providing best-in class products to support optimal wellness and energy levels.Their commitment to making products that truly support you is evident in the caring way they manufacture and in the fact that they encourage you to purchase direct, without a membership fee, and give you the opportunity to return the products within 30 days if you are not satisfied.

For more information, please click this link or call (410) 357-0070 and ask for Steve.