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Direct Access to Physical Therapy

Did you know that you have the right to choose Hereford Physical Therapy without seeing your physician or another healthcare provider first?

As a consumer of healthcare, you can seek medical treatment for your musculoskeletal issues directly from one of Hereford Physical Therapy's licensed physical therapist of your choosing. Direct access (sometimes also referred to as "self referral") to a one of our highly qualified physical therapists allows you to be treated earlier, resulting in a quicker recovery and a quicker return to your normal activities.

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Hereford Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine is an outpatient orthopedic physical therapy clinic serving the communities of Northern Baltimore County and Southern Pennsylvania. Our clinic opened in the fall of 2002, and we have been expanding ever since. The staff at Hereford Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine includes several licensed Physical Therapists, Physical Therapy Assistants as well as Athletic Trainers with over 80 years of experience in treating and caring for patients.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality orthopedic rehabilitation service to our patients. We utilize several disciplines of physical therapy in our approach to patient care. These include manual techniques, sports medicine techniques, functional and balance activities. These techniques are evidence based in which research supports proven results.

During physical therapy, attention is given to evaluation, treatment, management, function and prevention of injuries. Hereford Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine also uses a team approach that emphasizes communication with all members of the health care community including Physicians, surgeons, coaching staff, home health support staff, as well as family members.

A patient's rehabilitative progress is measured in terms of regaining a pre-injury level of functioning, while simultaneously improving the quality of life. Our facilities maintain a positive therapy environment that allows patients to meet their goals.